Homeless or risk of homelessness

Settled accommodation

8. Are you intentionally homeless?

Have you lost your home because of something you have deliberately done (or something you have failed to do).

Here are some examples of what the law says is intentional homelessness:

  • disregarding professional advice on how to avoid becoming homeless
  • leaving a property when it was reasonable to stay there
  • deciding not to pay the rent or mortgage
  • asking the landlord or head of the household to say you must leave

If we decide that you are intentionally homeless then our duty to provide you with help to relieve your homelessness will end after 56 days even if you haven't found somewhere else to live.

If we have provided you with temporary accommodation then you will have to move out and make your own arrangements .

9. Do we have a duty to offer you settled accommodation?

If you are homeless, in priority need, have a local connection and homeless through no fault of your own then we will offer you somewhere settled to stay, This is likely to be a tenancy for at least 6 months in the private sector, or a tenancy with a housing association or the council.