Sheltered housing

What is sheltered housing?

Shletered bungalow

Sheltered housing is for retired or younger disabled people to support them to live independently in their own home and manage their own affairs, for as long as possible.

Sheltered properties are flats or bungalows linked to a control centre so that help can be summoned in an emergency at any time of day or night. Support staff also visit residents to check on their wellbeing, help them to maintain their independence, signpost them to other agencies and provide information and advice.  

The benefit of sheltered housing is that it provides support to people in a flexible way, when they need it most. Some residents may need a lot of support and may also have care provided through social services, voluntary agencies, family and friends. Other residents may only need help from time to time.

Very sheltered housing is aimed at people who may be frail or more dependent on care services but who can still manage in their own home with all the extra support that is provided on site. For many people it can delay the need for residential or nursing home care. Click on the links below to find out more.

What types of sheltered housing properties are available?

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