Disclosure Log


Northampton Town Football Club

The following documents have been released in response to FOI requests for information about loans to Northampton Town Football Club (NTFC).

Item 7 of the cabinet meeting on 17th July 2013 discussed the following report:

The full meeting and minutes are here:

Following this report a Facility Agreement was signed and money lent to assist NTFC with the redevelopment of the East Stand at Sixfields Stadium totalling £7.5m. (planning applications N/2013/1048 & variation application N/2014/0889)

In April 2014 an additional Facility Agreement was signed extending the original loan by £1.5m. The loan included additional costs for the East Stand and improvements to the West Stand (planning application N/2014/0388). 

In addition a second Facility Agreement was signed relating to the construction of a hotel complex next to Sixfields Stadium and the further development of the commercial and residential possibilities (planning application number N/2014/0596).  £1.25M of the £4.5M agreement was paid.

The original Facility Agreement (18th September 2013) was subject to variation in August 2014.  

Agreements regarding the sale of land at Sixfields

Documents relating to the 4 planning applications referred to above can be viewed on the council planning website. Go to the planning application search page and type in the following reference numbers.

  • N/2013/1048 (East Stand - original application)
  • N/2014/0388 (West Stand)
  • N/2014/0596 (commercial / residential application for
  • N/2014/0889 (East Stand - variation order)

Details of land ownership regarding the Sixfields site are held by Land Registry. You may find the overview map below useful if you wish to request further information. Land Registry charge for copies of title deeds.