Disclosure Log

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A council's structure by its very nature does not stay static.

People come and go. Roles change or move in the structure. Positions are created or removed. Where a role is based alters.

This Freedom of Information disclosure log page will therefore change on a regular basis. It will hold the most current FOI response(s) relating to our structure.

FOI request NBC2302-120/13

The requestor wanted to know the person (manager) responsible for refuse collection in Northampton.

Refuse collection is a contracted out services. We entered into a partnership with Daventry District Council for refuse collection, along with all other waste collection including recycling, street and grounds maintenance, cemetery and allotment provision. Enterprise Managed Services (EMS) was awarded this contract which began in June 2011. It is currently being retendered. The new provider will be announced in early 2018.

This service sits in the Customers and Communities directorate which includes the Public Protection Department.

Further information on waste management