Northampton Borough Council
Northampton Borough Council

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Our strategy

The council's ambition is to be one the best councils in the country.

Providing excellent customer service is the first of the council's five management aims which underpin the delivery of the corporate priorities and outcome: 

    The council's vision for customer service is to provide residents and customers easy access to services through a multi-service contact centre providing a single point of telephone contact, a multi-service one stop shop and 24 hour transactional internet access.

    The council provides a range of options where customers can access services face to face including:

    • One Stop Shop, Guildhall, Northampton Town Centre
    • Leisure centres
    • Museums

    Over the next four years we plan to build upon this progress to transform the way in which customers access our services by creating

    • A single telephone contact centre, serving the whole borough
    • A single one stop shop based in the Guildhall in the centre of Northampton town centre
    • 24 hour internet access providing a wide range of interactive, self-service and information services
    • A network of local access and outreach for the wider community that addresses the diverse needs of local people and other centres of population.

    This range of access channels will give customers flexibility and choice in how they contact the council. 

    Our standards

    Northampton Borough Council's customer service standards aim to make sure that the highest levels of service are delivered across all council departments.

    If you contact us we will:

    • Treat you politely and with respect
    • Provide additional support if you need it to access our services, including signing, translation and interpretation facilities.
    • Make sure our buildings are accessible, clean and smart
    • Identify ourselves to you by giving our names and having clear identification badges
    • Aim to resolve your enquiry at the first point of contact, or tell you what actions we are taking within 10 working days and keep you informed of our progress
    • Use language that is easy to understand
    • Publish our current levels of performance on the website
    • Protect your personal information in line with the Data Protection Act
    • Welcome your feedback and use it to improve our services

    Face to face we will:

    • Greet you within 5 minutes of arriving in the One Stop Shop
    • Aim to see you within 10 minutes of your appointment time
    • Offer you an appointment to see us in the One Stop Shop if we are unable to resolve your enquiry by any of our other contact methods
    • Aim to see you within 15 minutes of your allotted time slot if you drop in

    By telephone we will:

    • Make every effort to answer your call within 5 rings or 20 seconds when calling the contact centre. If we are receiving exceptionally high call volumes we will ensure that we let you know this
    • If you need to speak to someone else, we will redirect you to the correct person or arrange for a colleague to call you back if they are not available

    By email and internet we will:

    • Acknowledge your email within 2 working days and give an estimated response time and meet this

    By post we will:

    • Acknowledge your letter within 3 working days and give an estimated response time and meet this