Council performance

Performance Information

Performance reports


We monitor progress against performance indicators on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. A number of agreed corporate priority indicators are reported to Cabinet and Overview and Scrutiny Committee, who review performance every quarter.

At the end of each year we produce a report that summarises how well we performed against our targets. View the latest report:

Monitoring performance

Performance is monitored throughout the year reports to Members and Senior Management Teams providing information on actions being taken to deliver the council's priorities.

We collect, analyse and report data on all service areas, including waste, planning, benefits and housing. All performance data is subject to internal data quality checks

Service planning

All of our services develop annual service plans, which set out detailed objectives, measures and targets. The plans work in conjunction with our corporate priorities

Future performance

You can help shape the future of the town by taking part in public consultations and telling us your ideas, opinions and what our priorities should be.

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