Budget 2014/15

Draft Budget 2014/15 Consultation Equality and Community Impact Assessment

Equality and Community Impact Assessment Statement

What are we looking to achieve in this activity?

The Council is mindful of its Public Sector Equality Duty and wants to ensure that it has due regard to its equality duties in its decision making process.

How will the decision be made?

Cabinet will consider the results of this consultation and of all relevant impact assessments to help it make an informed decision regarding the Council’s budget and priorities. The Council will set its Budget for the forthcoming 2014/2015 in February 2014.

What information exists already to assist with making the judgments above? Has any consultation been undertaken on this or any other related issue? Are any reports or relevant documents available internally or from partners or other sources?

Impact assessments are carried out for options as they are developed, where appropriate, and will be reviewed as the consultation evolves, using the feedback received. Individual medium term planning options specify if equality/community impact assessments have been deemed necessary and details are provided as appropriate.

Who is/ will be the main beneficiaries/people affected by this activity?

Everybody living, working, studying or otherwise engaged with the town or its people may be potentially affected by our budget plans. This includes businesses, employees of the Council as well as, partners and contractors. Some efficiency savings will impact on staff and could lead to redundancies and changes in service provision, and the level of service received by the public will be protected wherever possible. Where this is appropriate, consultation will be undertaken in accordance with council policy and all those affected will be able to have a say in this process.

Does the activity have the potential to cause adverse impact or to discriminate against different groups in the community or to make a positive contribution to equalities?

The testing challenges caused by the general economic environment continue to have a significant impact on our communities and also on our budget, creating added pressure and increase demand for our services.

With limited resources, service provision will need to be reviewed and this may affect the services we provide, the people who deliver them and those who receive them. It is critical when making decisions that may affect people that their views are sought and considered so that we can understand what matters to them, what they consider priority and what areas are in need of improvement and how the choices made may impact on their lives.


Proposals that will lead to efficiency savings have been screened for impact against the protected characteristics groups. Details are contained within options proposed.  Where proposals involve staff changes and rationalisation, appropriate consultation in line with council policy will be followed and outcomes monitored for any disproportionate and adverse impacts on individual groups.

Any savings with impact on services will have the issues and risks raised through their individual assessments and evaluations taken into account in the implementation and monitoring of the options.

Issues and concerns identified during this consultation will be used to develop mitigation where possible and will be used to inform priorities for the Council.

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