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Our Street Care services are responsible for:

  • Cleansing all adopted highways by mechanically sweeping roads and footpaths, and clearing litter from some car parks and open spaces
  • Investigating incidents of fly-tipping on highway land to identify offenders and taking legal action where possible
  • Removing fly-tipping (illegally dumped items)
  • Removing fallen leaves weekly from known problem areas during autumn and winter
  • Removing dog fouling on footpaths
  • Providing and maintaining street litter bins, including emptying litter bins
  • Responding to emergencies e.g. spillages, dead animals and discarded syringes
  • Removing fly-posting within the town centre, carried out by the Town Centre Ranger
  • Removing some graffiti within the town centre, carried out by the Town Centre Ranger
  • Maintaining a cleansing operation within the town centre seven days a week

If you have a problem with refuse or litter in the street or public areas, or a problem with your bin collections, contact us by email or phone:

Telephone: 0300 330 7000




Preventing and reducing littering

The Street Care services section does the following to reduce the amount of litter created in the town:

  • Investigate incidents of fly-tipping on council land and prosecute offenders where possible
  • Investigate complaints of refuse sacks being put out too early and take legal action when possible
  • Take legal action where legal powers are available to require businesses such as takeaways to keep their area clean, and to issue fixed penalty notices to people who drop litter. (The council is currently developing the use of these powers, together with providing information and education as part of the Greener Cleaner Northampton Campaign.)

Council powers concerning litter on private land

In some circumstances the council can take action regarding litter and rubbish on private land; however, the council itself is not responsible for clearing litter from privately-owned land.

Refuse accumulations on private land

Environmental Health will investigate reports of refuse accumulations on private land and take steps to try to arrange clearance. If the accumulation causes a public nuisance e.g. attracting vermin, a legal notice may be served requiring clearance. If this is not complied with a prosecution may be taken.

Dirty and verminous premises

Environmental Health will investigate reports of dirty or verminous premises. Advice will be given to those responsible with details of other agencies that may be able to help.

If the conditions cause a nuisance or health risk to other people, a legal notice may be served requiring remedial action. If this is not complied with a prosecution may be taken. The council may also carry out the necessary work and recover the costs.

Private land used by the public

In some cases the owner of private land e.g. shopping centre car parks, can be required to keep it free of litter, in the same way that the council regularly cleans its own land.

Fly-tipping on private land

Environmental Health will investigate incidents of fly-tipping on private land where there is evidence of an offender. The offender will be prosecuted where possible.

Further information and advice

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)


  • Visit the website (search for - the law against littering/litter and the law/your business, your rubbish and the law)

Environment Agency