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Collection information

All waste and recycling must be at the kerbside by 6:30am on your collection day. Although you may be used to seeing the crews at the same time each week, there is no set time for collections to take place; only the day of the week is set. Please do not report missed collections until the morning after the specified day.


Green sacks are collected weekly

Illustration of green sack

Recent changes have seen branded green sacks replace the traditional black sacks and a maximum limit on how much waste will be collected each week.

For more information on these changes, how they affect you and what options are available to you, please read our comprehensive guide to green sack collections.

Illustration of black wheelie bin

Wheelie bins are collected on alternate weeks (please see your calendar for details)

Black wheelie bin


Please use it to dispose of any non-recyclable wastes. All bins must be presented with their lids in the closed position to ensure that no waste escapes prior to collection. Any bin that does not comply with this request will not be emptied and a request for a missed collection will be declined. No side waste (additional bags or boxes) are permissible

Illustration of brown wheelie binBrown wheelie bin

  • Green waste (no plastic bags, plastic pots, bricks, animal waste, wood or wood derivative products)
  • Flowers and plants

All bins must be presented with their lids in the closed position to ensure that no waste escapes prior to collection. Any bins that do not comply with this request will not be emptied and a request for a missed collection will be declined. No side waste (additional bags or boxes) are permissible.

You can also get a second brown bin for your property, free of charge, which Enterprise will deliver. You can order a second bin using our online form.

Recycling and food waste is collected weekly

Recycling materials are generally collected in a vehicle that sorts and separates them into paper, plastic, glass, at the side of the road. Please keep all recycling clean and loose.

Very occasionally, when a vehicle breaks down for example, recycling materials have to be collected together in one lorry. If this happens, all the materials are taken back to the depot and separated there for further recycling or sent to a facility that deals with a mixture of recycling materials. Nothing is wasted.


Illustration of a green recycling boxGreen recycling box

Newspaper, magazines and paper (including shredded paper), tetrapak drinks cartons, cardboard (must be broken down or flattened to no bigger than a cereal packet size), wrapping paper (not metallic), envelopes, junk mail, telephone directories. Please do not place boxes within boxes; these will not be taken. Large cardboard cannot be taken by the kerbside vehicles and this should, therefore, be disposed of via your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Illustration of a blue recycling boxBlue recycling box

Plastic bottles, other plastics (e.g. yoghurt, pots, margarine tubs), foil, food and drink cans (not barrels or kegs), aerosols, crushed large tins (e.g. seasonal chocolates. sweet and biscuit tins). We cannot accept thick plastics (such as fabric softener bottles), hard plastics such as washing up bowls, nor can we accept empty paint tins, so please dispose of these separately.

Illustration of a black recycling boxBlack recycling box

Yes please

  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Spectacles

No thank you

  • Window glass
  • Pyrex glass
  • Light bulbs (all sorts)
  • Drinking glasses
  • Glass crockery
  • Mirrors

Did you know

If you run out of space in your boxes you can put any extra recycling out in clear plastic or supermarket carrier bags.

Just remember not to mix your recycling i.e., keep green box recycling in one bag and blue in another bag.

Food waste bins

Illustration of food waste binsOutdoor food waste bin

Keep your larger food bin outside. You can lock it by moving the handle forward to stop pests and spillage. This is the food bin you leave at the kerbside on collection days. 

Indoor food waste caddy

Line your caddy with a corn starch liner or a sheet of newspaper (PDF format, 203KB). When it is full, transfer the waste into the larger food bin. Please do not leave this bin at the kerbside on collection days.

Textile recycling

Place old clothes, shoes and textiles into bags, tie them up and leave them with your recycling boxes on the kerbside. Please do not use black bags. The textiles can be in any condition, but we do not collect duvets or pillows under the textiles scheme.

Maggots in bins

It is not uncommon for your bin to smell unpleasant where food waste is present, especially during the warm summer months. The smell attracts flies which, if they can get in, lay eggs that hatch into maggots. The bin is potentially an excellent food source and breeding ground for flies.

Flats and food caddies

At the current time it isn't possible to provide a food waste collection service from flats that haven't been provided with individual recycling boxes.

Northampton Borough Council, through its contractor Enterprise, is keen to collect food waste from as many properties as possible and Enterprise is investigating whether food waste collections can be introduced to those properties.

Residents will be contacted if it is possible to begin collecting food waste from their flats.

Animal bedding

Animal bedding can no longer be collected as part of the garden waste collection as it cannot be processed at the green waste facility and it contaminates other garden waste.

If you have animal bedding, please either compost it at home or place it in your black wheelie bin.