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Green sack collections

Green sacks

Green sack hotline

A new dedicated hotline has been set up to help households on sack collections report any issues concerning neighbours who are not complying with Northampton's two green sack policy.

We will only collect two green sacks each week, so please don't put out more than this.

By doing this, we can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and meet our obligations and commitment to recycle as much as possible.

Please remember

  • Green sacks must be placed at the kerbside on your day of collection by 6:30am.
  • Your collection day depends on where you live. Use our quick and easy online form to find your collection day.
  • Enterprise will only collect the green sacks provided by them, which have the Enterprise Partnership logo printed on the front.
  • 2 green sacks can be collected per week - no other sacks or additional green sacks will be collected.
  • Waste placed out in the wrong sacks, or adjacent to the permitted number of green sacks, will be deemed as 'side waste' and will not be collected.

Green sack deliveries

Each property not on a containerised collection (i.e not a wheeled bin or eurobin) will be issued with green sacks, to allow the equivalent of two sacks per week. These will be next delivered in March 2018.

Please do not exceed this amount, as we are unable to provide extra sacks.

FAQs regarding green sack deliveries

1. When will I receive my next delivery of green sacks?

March 2018.  If you do not receive your sacks, please contact us.

2. I have run out of green sacks already, what shall I do with my waste before my next delivery?

If you have exceeded the 2 sack limit and have run out of sacks before the next scheduled delivery, which will be around March 2018, you will need to dispose of your household non-recyclable waste at a local Household Waste Recycling Centre. 

3. How many sacks will I receive?

You should have received 12 rolls of 9 sacks, totalling 108 sacks.  You will also receive a leaflet explaining the delivery and the two sack policy

4. When shall I start using my sacks?

The sacks delivered in March 2017 are to be used until your next delivery, which will be around March 2018

5. How will I receive my green sacks?

They will be posted through the letterbox of each property

6. Last time I was given extra sacks - why haven't I been given any this time?

If your family still qualifies for extra sacks, your extra sacks will be delivered after the initial stage of delivery. Please allow up to six weeks after your initial delivery before contacting us.

Extra capacity sacks may be provided because of the size of your family or a medical condition that produces a lot of non-recyclable waste.

7. I have a problem with my sack delivery.

If you have received your sacks but there appears to be a problem, please contact us

8. My neighbours have received their sacks, but I have not

Deliveries took place over a three week period.  All sacks should have now been delivered. If you have not received your sacks, please contact us

9. I have recently moved into my property and do not have any green sacks

Please use our contact us form to advise us of your situation. In your correspondence, please include the date you moved into the property and where you have moved from (if within Northampton) so we can update our records.

10. What if my family has circumstances which may mean we require extra sacks?

If you are unable to cope with the quantity of green sacks provided, either because of the size of your family, or a medical condition that produces a lot of non-recyclable waste, then an assessment can be made by an Enterprise or council representative and you may be entitled to an additional allocation of green sacks. Please contact us if this situation applies to your household.

Side waste

This is additional waste placed adjacent to the permitted number of green sacks for collection. This waste will not be collected and will be reported and treated as side waste.

Collecting excess waste does not inspire residents to recycle. Also, by not collecting side waste, we hope to encourage people to reduce the amount of waste they produce and make the most of their kerbside recycling services and help us create a cleaner, greener borough for everyone.


It is the responsibility of the resident to take back any uncollected side waste onto their property and dispose of appropriately. Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), failure to adhere to these rules could lead to residents being issued with a fixed penalty notice (£80) or prosecuted (maximum penalty £1,000).


The only exception to this policy would be if the collection service had been cancelled due to severe weather conditions. In this case, if a collection day has been missed, it may be necessary for residents to place out four green sacks the following week.

In these circumstances, residents should check the website for the latest collection updates.


In Autumn 2013, Northampton Borough Council in partnership with Enterprise Managed Services Ltd. made further progress towards their commitment to recycling more and sending less waste to landfill with the introduction of green sack collections.

The 22,000 properties in Northampton who have weekly sack collections saw their black sacks replaced with logo printed green sacks.  The 2 sack policy was introduced and a wider range of recycling opportunities became available; including communal recycling for blocks of flats and the incentive that residents can put out as much recycling as they have, kerbside each week by requesting additional boxes or by using clear or white carrier bags.

Over the last 10 years, the town has successfully increased the amount it recycles, soaring from 9,753 tonnes in 2003/2004 to 34,677 tonnes in 2011/2012- an increase of over 250 per cent!! The introduction of kerbside recycling for a broad range of recyclable waste in 2004 made it easier for households to recycle more and has made the biggest contribution to the increased recycling rates.

With most properties having paper, card, glass, cans, plastic bottles and food waste collected weekly, anything left over that cannot be recycled should fit inside the green sacks provided.