Green sacks update March 2022

Delivery Information March 2022

Green sack delivery update

Unfortunatley due to operational issues there has been some delays for green sack deliveries.  The following areas have not yet been completed:  Blackthorn, Ecton Brook, Goldings , Rectory Farm, Thorplands, Grange Road, Porlock close, Chiltern way, Bruce Street, Argyle Street, Forfar Street, Hollyrood Road, St James, Spencer Haven, Dallington Haven and Cardigan Close. The deliveres will continue until Friday 3rd June.

All other areas you will only have from Monday 16th May until Friday 10th June  to tell us your sacks have not been delivered. Any requests received after this date will not be honoured, and you will have to wait until the next delivery in March 2023. Any waste will have to be taken to the household recycling centre.

Please note: You will be delivered 12 rolls of sacks. This is enough for two sacks per week to last you 12 months. If you use more than this and you do not qualify for extra sacks you will not be delivered additional sacks. Please check your sacks when they arrive for any damage.

Extra sacks for large households or medical needs

Residents that have previously requested extra sacks either because there are 6 or more residents living at the property, have 2 or more children in nappies, or a medical condition that produces a lot of non-hazardous waste, you will be delivered your extra sacks. Please only contact us after Monday 16th May if your extra sacks have not arrived.

If you are unable to cope with the quantity of green sacks provided, either because of thse reasons. Please contact us if this situation applies to your household.