Waste and recycling collections

How to keep your bins clean & fly/maggot free

  • Do not leave any food waste uncovered within your kitchen as this will attract files, which will lay eggs
  • Sorting and separating waste from recycling as you use items will help to minimise the risk of flies / maggots
  • Double bag food waste such as meat and bones. Doing this will reduce decomposition and smells, and slow the growth of any fly eggs already laid.
  • If you need to dispose of pet waste or nappies, ensure that these items are double bagged
  • Composting, for those with gardens, is also a good way of reducing food waste
  • Only place waste and recycling out in the bins / sacks & boxes provided as no other receptacles will be taken
  • Keep your bins out of direct sunlight wherever possible and wash on a regular basis; ensuring that your bin is fully empty after each collection and kept clean will help to minimise any potential problem.
    • If there is any evidence of maggots please wash your bin with a lightly scented disinfectant straight away