Waste and recycling collections

Assisted collections

If you are unable to put out your general waste, recycling or garden waste, due to age or a disability, then we will help you by comming to your property to collect your bins, and then put them back.


  • when you apply for this service, we may ask you for proof that you are eligible
  • if you live with someone who could put out your refuse, you won't be eligible for the assisted collection service. We may withdraw this service at any time if we believe you are no longer eligible
  • tell us where your sacks or bins will be left on your property, and make sure they are not left behind a locked gate
  • if you store your sacks in another bin please make sure they are taken out, and placed on top of the bin ready for your collection day
  • if crews cannot access your sacks or bins on the collection day they will not return to collect them
  • this service is only available for residents that present their bins or sacks kerbside. It is not available for flats with communal bins stores

Apply for an assisted collection