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Waste and recycling collections

Recycling bins and boxes

  • all recycling must be at the kerbside by 6:30am on your collection day
  • although you may be used to seeing the crews at the same time each week, there is no set time for collections to take place; only the day of the week is set. Please do not report missed collections until the morning after the specified collection day
  • only one recycling wheelie bin will be collected per household. Additional recycling is accepted in clear bags presented next to your recycling bin or box. Black sacks will not be collected.
  • cosmetic products (e.g. cotton buds and face wipes) are not recyclable or flushable  

Collection schedule

If you are on a green sack round, we will collect your recycling every week in recycling boxes. 

If you are on a wheelie bin round, we will collect your recycling every two weeks (the alternate weeks to your general waste wheelie bin collection weeks) in your recycling bin. 

What to put in your recycling bin or boxes

Paper and card

We can collect:

  • newspaper, magazines and paper (including shredded paper)
  • tetrapak drinks cartons (no waxed drink cartons please)
  • cardboard (must be broken down or flattened to no bigger than a cereal packet size)
  • wrapping paper
  • envelopes, junk mail
  • telephone directories
  • books
  • catalogues
  • cardboard egg boxes
  • clean paper bags

We cannot collect:

  • please do not place boxes within boxes; these will not be taken
  • metallic wrapping paper, plastic film or plastic carrier bags

Plastic and cans

We can collect:

  • plastic bottles (up to a 5 litre capacity)
  • other plastics (e.g. yoghurt, pots, margarine tubs)
  • foil
  • food and drink cans 
  • aerosols
  • crushed large tins (e.g. seasonal chocolates. sweet and biscuit tins)
We cannot collect
  • thick / hard plastics such as washing up bowls
  • empty paint tins
  • barrels or kegs
  • plastic bags


We can collect
  • glass bottles and jars
  • spectacles
We cannot collect
  • window glass
  • pyrex glass
  • light bulbs (all sorts)
  • drinking glasses
  • glass crockery
  • mirrors
  • broken glass