Waste and recycling collections

Green sacks

  • We will only collect two green sacks per property each week, so please don't put out more than this as we are unable to provide you with a secondary supply
  • Your supply of sacks will be delivered twice yearly - in February for usage from March to August 2019, and in August for use from September 2019 to the end of February 2020.
  • Veolia will only collect the green sacks they have provided. They will not accept other sacks or additional green sacks. Waste left out in the wrong sacks will be considered 'side waste' and will not be collected
  • All green sacks must be at the kerbside by 6:30am on your collection day. If you are unable to present your bins kerbside due to age or disability please see assisted collections information
  • Although you may be used to seeing the crews at the same time each week, there is no set time for collections to take place; only the day of the week is set. Please do not report missed collections until the morning after the specified collection day

Collection schedule

We will collect your green sacks every week.

Moving in to a property with no green sacks available to use

Please use our contact us form to advise us of your situation. Please include the date you moved into the property and where you have moved from (if within Northampton) so we can update our records.

Extra sacks

Apply for extra green sacks

If you are unable to cope with the quantity of green sacks provided, either because of the size of your family, or a medical condition that produces a lot of non-recyclable waste, then an assessment can be made by a Veolia representative to assess whether you may be entitled to an additional allocation of green sacks. Please contact us if this situation applies to your household.

Customers who already qualify for extra sacks

If your family still qualifies for extra sacks, these will be delivered after the initial stage of delivery. Please allow up to six weeks after your initial delivery before contacting us.

Extra capacity sacks may be provided if you meet the criteria (e.g. family size, certain medical conditions).

Side waste


It is the responsibility of the resident to take back any uncollected side waste onto their property and dispose of appropriately. Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990), failure to adhere to these rules could lead to residents being issued with a fixed penalty notice (£80) 


The only exception to this policy would be if the collection service had been cancelled due to severe weather conditions. In this case, if a collection day has been missed, it may be necessary for residents to place out four green sacks the following week. In these circumstances, please check the website for the latest collection updates.