Air Quality Management Area Consultation

Under the Environment Act 1995 Local Authorities’ are required to periodically review and assess the air quality in their area in line with government guidance.

Present and future quality of the air are compared with national Air Quality Objectives and where there are exceedances in areas where people live, an Air Quality Management Area must legally be declared.

Northampton currently has five Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA) in the town centre and two on major roads within the borough.  All of these are related to road traffic. Maps showing the locations of current areas are available on the DEFRA website via the link below:

Continued monitoring has indicated new exceedance areas within the Borough at the following locations.  These are currently exceeding the annual mean Air Quality Objective for nitrogen dioxide.  

  • Abington Square/ Wellingborough Road Area.
  • The Drapery and area around Northgate Bus Station.
  • White Elephant Junction on Kettering Road.

The Council are proposing two options outlined below:

  1. Form one Air Quality Management Area by amending the five existing ones in the town centre to cover new areas of exceedence, or
  2. Retain the exisitng Air Quality Management Areas and declare three new ones covering new exceedance areas.

More detailed information can be seen in the consultation document and the AQMA map .

The Council would like to hear from you with your views on the proposed options by completing a brief survey monkey questionnaire. 

The deadline for the consultation is Monday 28th January 2019.

The link to the survey can be accessed here: