Noise pollution - Car alarms

Car Alarms

If you have a car alarm fitted to your car, then by law you have a duty to ensure that it will not cause a noise nuisance to local residents.

If the Council is required to deal with a noisy car, the owner will be asked to pay any costs incurred.  There are a variety of steps that you can follow to avoid your alarm causing a nuisance.

What steps can I take to make sure that my car alarm doesn't cause a nuisance?

  • Ensure a competent installer fits your car alarm, and check that it has an automatic cut out which will silence it shortly after it has been activated
  • Check your alarm regularly to make sure it is still operating correctly. 
  • If your alarm develops a fault, have it rectified immediately. 

What will the Council do to deal with a noisy car?

If an alarm is reported and has been sounding for some time, then investigations will be made to try and trace the owner.

If this fails, or the owner is not contactable, then legal action is likely to be taken.  This involves serving a notice on the vehicle, and if the alarm is not silenced (normally within an hour), then the Council will arrange for the vehicle to be entered and the alarm disconnected.  If this is not possible the vehicle can be towed away to a suitable place in order to silence the alarm

The registered owner of the vehicle will be informed of the action taken and will be charged the costs incurred.

Who has to pay if a car alarm has to be silenced?

The Council has the powers to recover any costs from the owner or the keeper of the vehicle involved.  The costs incurred may include having to forcibly enter the vehicle, or remove it to a suitable place in order to silence the alarm.