Smoke control areas

About smoke control

The Clean Air Act 1993, allowed councils to establish Smoke Control Areas (SCAs) to improve air quality. An SCA is an area we set where smoke is not allowed to escape from domestic chimneys. If you allow smoke to escape from your chimney in an SCA, you could be prosecuted.

To avoid prosecution you should use one of the authorised solid smokeless fuels on your solid fuel fire or change to gas, electricity or oil. Some woodstoves have also been authorised for use in SCAs.

We have details of the streets in all the SCAs in Northampton. It is an offence to emit smoke in an SCA, and those people who continue to flout this law could be taken to court and fined up to £1,000. SCAs do not relate to garden or allotment bonfires.

Where are the smoke control areas?

A significant proportion of the town is an SCA. If you want to find out if you live in an SCA you can use our mapping system.

  • Search by address on the site. 
  • Click on Environmental Health
  • Tick the box for Smoke Control Zones. 

The maps show those areas that are within SCAs as shaded and those outside are displayed in the standard mapping format.

Detailed information on SCAs

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