Local Land Charge searches

Official searches

An Official Local Land Charge Search is made up of two parts – the LLC1 Certificate and the CON29R / CON29O Form of Enquiries.

The LLC1 Certificate deals with all the registerable charges, e.g. financial charges (registered against the property by the local authority), tree preservation orders, conservations areas, conditional planning consents and agreements.

The CON29R Form of Enquiries deals with issues such as building regulation approvals and certificates, roads schemes, compulsory purchase orders, the planning history of the property together with any outstanding notices which may affect the use and occupation of the property.

The CON29O Form contains 19 optional questions that you may wish to ask, dealing with issues such as definitive public footpaths, pipelines, high hedge notices and registered common land.

Additional enquiries, not contained within the CON29R or CON29O, can also be requested.

Requests for Official Local Authority searches can either be posted to us or sent via the National Land Information Service (NLIS) which provides a direct online connection and can speed the process up even further.

Searches must include the following when submitted in order to be accepted for processing:

  • Payment in full - either cash, cheque or by debit/credit card payment. Make cheques payable to 'Northampton Borough Council'. We do not charge extra for commercial property.
  • The correct address and postcode together with a plan identifying the extent and location of the land subject of the search, edged in red.

The current turnaround time is 2-3 days of receipt of the application and fee.