Northampton Straight Allies

A campaign led by Northampton's LGBTQ Forum

Straight allies are heterosexual/non-gay people who believe in equality and are willing to challenge homophobia and discrimination

Launched by Northampton Borough Council's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Questioning Forum, the Straight Allies Campaign recognises and celebrates the straight friends, families, colleagues and strangers whose belief that everyone is equal makes Northampton a safer place for everybody. 

The forum has designed and made a campaign badge for those who write a pledge and join our campaign - please wear the campaign badge and 'come out' as a straight ally!

More information can be found on our campaign Facebook page; alternatively, please contact the Partnerships and Communities Team at

Pledge cards made into bunting for the LGBTQ Forum's campaign for Straight Allies

Straight Allies campaign pledges