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What is an impact assessment?

Community/equality impact assessments help us to show that the council has due regard in the exercise of its equality duty under the Equality Act 2010. They are a tool we use to ensure the policies, practices, projects and activities which shape our work are ensuring equal access to all our services. 

Impact assessments  look at whether changes to how we do things (like working practices or ways we deliver services) are likely to have a positive or negative impact on the people we serve and on those who deliver our services. They help us to plan to reduce or remove negative impact - for example by making reasonable changes to how a particular group receives a service (perhaps providing information in a different format, or providing ramped access into a building etc.). 

The Health and Social Care Act 2012 requires local authorities to embed the new public health functions conferred into all their activities, tailoring local solutions to local problems, and using all the levers at their disposal to improve health and reduce inequalities. Our Community Impact Assessments allow us to consider the impact of our decisions on the health of our communities.

Guidance and forms

Our recommended Impact Assessment forms give lots of prompts to help the people completing them to turn their minds to appropriate questions. We hope they also help people reading them to understand and follow the critically reflective process involved.   

Using the right data

The most recent data can be found at:

Published impact assessments 

Impact assessments are usually published among consultation papers - they may be included within another document or separately.

Impact assessments for Overview and Scrutiny are published within the part of the website for council meetings (a committee information management system) and summarised in the overview pages about Overview and Scrutiny.