The Mayor

Mayor Nazim Choudary

The Mayor for 2019-20

Introducing Nazim Choudary

Born in Yorkshire, moving to Northampton when he was young Nazim Choudary stayed in the town, contributing to local politics and the community as well as supporting and growing the family business.

Naz Choudary has been a member of Northampton Borough Council since 2011 when he was elected to represent St David's and Kingsthorpe, working on both the Licensing and Planning Committees. Naz was a founding member of Northampton Partnership Homes, a not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting people finding a home.

Naz will be one of Northampton’s youngest Mayors and is recognised in the council for his enthusiasm, relatable personality and boundless energy. Since he was a child Naz has been helping his mother with her soup kitchen charity and then followed in his father’s footsteps into local politics.

Councillor Choudary wants to dedicate his Mayoral year to talking to businesses and the community about how they can have a positive effect on climate change, to inspire young people to get involved in business, politics and their communities, by raising money and representing charities who help them, including The Lowdown.

A word from the Mayor

I am hugely excited, honoured and motivated to be the 779th Mayor of Northampton. I have served our community as a councillor since 2011. I have worked hard within our community whether this is helping create jobs or feeding the homeless. I will be one of the youngest Mayors of Northampton in the town's history.

With this honour comes of course great responsibility. I feel it is my duty to represent not only the traditional values of our Mayoralty but to provide diverse representation for the younger generation also. I feel this is my opportunity to bring my energy and passion into my Mayoral term.

I was born in Yorkshire and moved to Northampton in 1997. I grew up here, I was educated here, my extended family reside in Northampton and I have grown the family businesses here. I am proud of our shoe maker heritage in Northampton, the town's shoe making industry is set in the heart of my family especially because as a child my father owned a shoe factory, I feel like this is a part of my history too.

I am incredibly proud to have my mother, Maroof Iftikhar as my Mayoress this year. My mother is Kashmiri. She has dedicated her life to helping people. The Mayoress currently runs Manna Langar (soup kitchen) and has been preparing home cooked food to help the homeless for the last decade.

My Mayoral charity this year is The Lowdown. Based in the heart of Northampton the Lowdown provide critical mental health support to 16-25 year olds. This year is their 30th anniversary and my efforts will be dedicated to supporting them and raising much needed funds in order for them to continue their crucial service.

The Lowdown


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