Overview and Scrutiny

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How can I get involved in Overview and Scrutiny?

You can:

Attend a meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee

All meetings of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee are held in public and anyone is welcome to attend to listen to the proceedings. The majority of Overview and Scrutiny meetings are held in the Jeffery Room at the Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton. Seats are available at the back of the committee room for members of the public and times and dates of forthcoming meetings are published.

Only on rare occasions, when certain types of confidential information is being discussed, are members of the public not allowed to attend Overview and Scrutiny Committee meetings.

As well as wanting to keep people informed about Overview and Scrutiny, the councillors on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and scrutiny panels are keen to hear your views on the topics they are looking at.

Write to the scrutiny panels or attend one of their meetings

If you have a particular interest in a review you can write to or email the relevant Scrutiny panel to give your views to the councillors. If you do choose to make a contribution to a scrutiny panel's review, any comments you make will not be made public unless you have agreed to this. Meetings of Scrutiny panels are held in public.

Become a witness

One of the main ways in which the scrutiny panels gather the evidence they need to inform their reviews is through inviting individuals with a particular knowledge of the subject to attend their meetings. This enables the councillors to make better informed recommendations but it also gives individuals and organisations from outside the council a way of having their voice heard.

Become a co-opted member to a scrutiny panel

If you have knowledge or expertise in the topic being reviewed become a co-opted member to the scrutiny panel co-optee guidance booklet.

Is there anything you would like the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review?

The committee welcomes suggestions for topics of inquiries and will consider issues put forward by members of the public, interest groups or businesses. Suggestions for review must meet the following criteria:

  • Affect a group or community of people (scrutiny will not usually look at individual service complaints)
  • Relate to a service, event or issue in which the council has a significant stake
  • Not be an issue which Overview and Scrutiny has considered during the last 12 months
  • Not be a planning issue or other matter dealt with by another council committee, except where the issue relates to a process

Please download the how to get involved in Overview and Scrutiny form for your future reference.

We will acknowledge receipt of your request within 10 working days and will let you know if the Overview and Scrutiny Committee will include the issue on its future work programme.

Complete the online form to suggest a subject for review. Alternatively, please write, telephone or fax.


Overview and Scrutiny
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