Overview and Scrutiny

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How Overview and Scrutiny fits into the political management of the council

We provide many services for the citizens of Northampton.

There are 45 elected councillors in Northampton Borough Council, who act as community leaders and representatives for the people who live in their wards. They also pursue a variety of roles within the council, which range from designing strategies and policies and making decisions to making recommendations for change.

The Full Council (45 councillors) chaired by the Mayor, sets the annual budget and our overall policies. It also has responsibility for amendments to the our constitution (book of rules and procedures) and is responsible for appointing the leader, the cabinet, and the committees.

Members of the public can attend, address the council and listen to the debates that take place.

We operate within a structure that includes the full council, cabinet, Overview and Scrutiny, Audit Committee, Judicial Committees and General Purposes Committee.