Overview and Scrutiny

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The Overview and Scrutiny Committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee comprises fifteen members.

Some of the responsibilities of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee responsibilities:

  • To co-ordinate the work plan to avoid duplication and ensure joint working, or other suitable arrangements.
  • To consider the overall work loads of scrutiny panels and to agree the allocation of resources to each panel according to need on an equal basis.
  • To review arrangements for involving councillors or people outside the council, in the Overview and Scrutiny process, such as by co-option, or setting up working parties which include outside representatives and be responsible for agreeing appointments of external parties to relevant scrutiny panel.
  • To review training needs of Overview and Scrutiny Committee members, and councillors and council employees generally in relation to the Overview and Scrutiny process; and to consider the development of operational styles and techniques to aid the usefulness and effectiveness of the Overview and Scrutiny process.
  • Appoint three Overview and Scrutiny panels
  • Policy development and review - the Overview and Scrutiny Committee may assist the council and cabinet in the development of its Budget and Policy Framework by in-depth analysis of policy issues by a variety of methods.
  • To consider any general issues which arise with regard to the levels of co-operation and support which the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Scrutiny panels receive from other parts of the council.