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The Publication Scheme 2008 - classes

12. The classes  

Information available on the website is available free of charge. Access to our website is available during office hours at the One Stop Shop. You may have to pay if you wish to print any information.    

Charges applicable for requested pre-printed, paper copies are noted in the availability and cost column. Postage and packing costs are included unless otherwise stated.

  • Class 1.   Constitution and Democracy - who we are and how we work
  • Class 2.   Finance and Audit - what we spend and how we spend it
  • Class 3.   Priorities and Performance - what we do and how well we do it
  • Class 4.   Decision Making - how we make decisions
  • Class 5.   Strategies, Policies and Procedures
  • Class 6.   Information Asset Register - lists and registers
  • Class 7.   A to Z - services provided by the council