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Publication Scheme - class 7

Class 7 - A-Z

Services provided by the council
Details Availability Notes/cost
Regulatory and licensing responsibilities

Services for local businesses General business advice including: Business property economic development, Trading Standards, licensing, regeneration, business opportunities, health and safety. Website

Cost advised upon request
Services for members of the public Including: Housing, planning, legal services, environmental health, community safety, leisure and culture, data protection and transport. Website

Cost advised upon request
Information for visitors to the area Including: Arts and entertainment, local history and heritage, sports development, young people's activities, sports and museums and galleries. Website

Cost advised upon request
Environmental service standards Including: Streetcare, neighbourhood wardens and park ranger services, parks and open spaces and waste management. Information not on the website can be requested via the FOI team subject to exemption.

Interactive mapping Before accessing the Interactive Mapping Information Service you must read and agree to the terms and conditions. This service is free to use. Website
Services for which the council is entitled to recover a fee, together with those fees Not currently publicly available. Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption.
Leaflets, booklets and newsletters
On display in council offices, available on request or on the website.
Advice and guidance Refer to the A-Z on the website.
Media releases Latest news search Website
Election information Including: An introduction to electoral services, electoral registration, borough council elections, county council election, how to become a borough councillor, parliamentary general election, European parliamentary election, parish council. Website

Cost advised upon request