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Publication Scheme - class 5

Class 5 - strategies, policies and procedures

How we do do what we say we will
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A-Z list of the council's strategies, policies and procedures. A list of all the current strategies, policies and procedures is available on the council's website.

Requests for specific documents not actively published on the website can be made via the FOI team.
To be added to the website very soon.

Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption
Staff handbook The council's employee staff handbook is no longer produced as a hard copy. Requests from staff can be made direct to HR. Requests for sections of the handbook from the public should be made to Information Management and will be processed as FOI requests. Not currently publicly available
Customer feedback (including comments, compliments and complaints) We are committed to delivering an excellent quality of customer service. The council encourages citizens feedback and particularly wants to hear from you when you are happy with the service provided or when you have an idea for improvement. We also want you tell us when we get it wrong or could have done better. Website
Charging regimes and policies Some departments have specific charging policies. Copies can be requested directly from the service areas as day-to-day business enquiries and will not normally be considered FOI requests. Direct enquiry to service
ISAs - Information Sharing Agreements (previously called Data Sharing Agreements) A corporate list of all current ISAs is held by the council's Data Protection Officer and is available on request. Though not actively published copies of current agreements are also available on request but may be subject to exemption. Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption