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Publication Scheme - class 4

Class 4 - decision-making

How we make decisions
Details Availability Notes/cost
Timetable of council meetings including agendas and minutes An archive of agendas and minutes for council, committee and sub-committee meetings is provided by Website

Cost advised upon request
Major policy proposals and decisions List of policy proposals and decisions. Website

Cost advised upon request
Delegated decisions - facts and analyses of facts considered when framing major policies The council will issue and keep up to date a record of what part of the council or individual has responsibility for particular types of decisions, or decisions relating to particular areas or functions. Refer to council constitution part 2: 'decision-making'
Public consultations Effective public consultation ensures that Northampton Borough Council's decisions and the development of its policies and services takes proper account of the views of individuals, communities, organisations and anyone interested in the town. Website

Cost advised upon request
Internal communications guidance criteria Refer to Council Constitution part 2 'decision-making'.
See also specific policies, manuals and guidelines in Class 5 that relate to internal instructions for decision-making.

Management Board decisions Management Board is composed of senior managers and is chaired by the Chief Executive. It reports directly to the leader of the council. Key Management Board decisions can be requested but are not routinely published at this time. Not currently publicly available.

Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption.