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Publication Scheme - class 3

Class 3 - priorities and performance

What we do and how well we do it
Details Availability Notes/cost
Corporate Plan  The plan sets out a summary of the council's key objectives, together with our current medium term priorities Website

Internal and external organisation performance reviews Not currently publicly available. Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption.
Northampton Economic Regeneration Strategy April 2008 Northampton's Economic Regeneration Strategy is a local strategy that sets out clear targets for the transformation of Northampton's economy. Website

Capital Strategy The purpose of the council's Capital Strategy is to document the principles and framework that underpin its longer-term capital investment and expenditure proposals. This will assist in the achievement of the council's strategic priorities and objectives. Website

Performance data Under the banner of 'self-regulation', the council has developed a performance tracker which measures performance using set criteria. The council undergoes an annual inspection by external company PWC. Website

Information not on the website can be requested via the FOI team subject to exemption.
Northampton Sustainable Community Strategy 2008-2011 The Northampton Sustainable Community Strategy was produced to build on the open relationship being developed with the people of Northampton and to provide a document by which the Council and its strategic partners could be measured. Information not on the website can be requested via the FOI team subject to exemption.

Inspection reports - Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) Inspections are used to benchmark against the national standards and are carried out as required by central government.

Examples of these reports include: Environmental Services (including refuse, street cleaning and recycling), Housing and Benefits, Annual Audit Inspection and Housing Audit Inspection

A fee may be charged for hard copies
Local area arrangements Local area agreements are a new government initiative, which provides the framework to find local solutions for local people.

They have the potential to bring about a real improvement in collaborative working, by ensuring that all sectors improve their understanding of each other.
Equality Impact Assessments An Equality Impact Assessment is a tool used to analyse a policy, strategy, function or service to identify potential adverse or unequal effects or impact on a particular sector of the community, (this includes impact(s) on employees, potential or actual service users, the wider community and staff in contracted out services), and to eliminate, mitigate or reconsider the proposed action or steps wherever possible. Website
Service standards A list of services available from the council. Please refer to A-Z of the council website.
Public service agreements Public Service Agreements are national targets for government departments. Not currently publicly available. Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption.
Local plans and proposals map   Free to view upon written request to Planning Policy and Conservation. 

Local plan and proposals map:
Proposals map only:
Open Space and Sports and Recreation Report 2006 The council undertook the Open Space Audit Needs Assessment through 2005/6.

The Open Space, Sport and Recreation Report (September 2006) provides the results of this exercise and based on the analysis, establishes local standards for open space, sport and recreational provision in the borough.

Printed: £10
CD: £5
Northampton Longer Term Growth Options Study (LTGOS) including the LTGOS Base Line report The Northampton LTGOS provides background information to help inform plans for the future growth of Northampton. The key plans the study will inform are, the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy and the Northampton Implementation Area Development Plan Document.

The LTGOS Base Line report sets out the results of the first stage of the study, which was to analyse baseline data to inform the preparation of growth options.

The main findings from this exercise are organised by topics: i.e. strategic policy context, environment, people, housing, economy and employment, community infrastructure, movement & access and utilities.
 Information not on the website can be requested via the FOI team subject to exemption.