Freedom of Information Act


Publication Scheme - class 1

Class 1 - constitution and democracy

Who we are and how we work
Class 1 - information type Details Availability and cost
Council constitution The constitution sets out how the council functions, how decisions are made and the procedures that are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Website

Bound copy: £4
Council democratic structure (elected members of the council) Including information on:

the council, cabinet, Regulatory Committees, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, Neighbourhood Partnerships, forums, Officer Working Groups and agency partnerships.
Council directorate structure (non-elected members of the council) Temporary version of the council's current structure chart Website
Location and opening times of council properties Including those listed below:

Planning and Environmental Health, Building Control, Housing, Revenues and Benefits and Money Advice
Leisure centres


Currently elected councillors' information and contact details Full list of councillors including contact details. Website
Contact details for all customer-facing departments Key contact details. Website
Most recent election results Northampton Borough Council election results for 2003 and 2007. Website

Relationships with other authorities Not currently publicly available. Requests via the FOI team subject to exemption.