Freedom of Information Act


Freedom of Information Act - Information Strategy

An Information Strategy Statement was agreed by the Executive of the Council on 5th July 2004. It sets out 7 information principles for the creation and maintenance all the Council's information. Briefly these are:

Principle 1 - relevance

Northampton Borough Council will only create or obtain information which is relevant to the excise of its statutory rights and duties. Information will only be kept for:

  • As long as it is still relevant, or
  • The council are legally bound to keep it.

The Council will then dispose or archive the information when it no longer meets, or ceases to be needed by either of these two conditions.

Principle 2 - accuracy

Every effort will be made to ensure that information created, supplied or published by the council will be accurate.

Principle 3 - openness

Unless information can be shown to be exempt it should be made available for public scrutiny.

Principle 4 - security and confidence

Comprehensive security policies and processes will be maintained to ensure the integrity and reliability of information is not compromised by malicious or accidental corruption or deletion by authorised or unauthorised access.

Principle 5 - accessibility

It is a guiding principle of the council that no one should be excluded from access to public information held by the council.

Principle 6 - effective delivery

The Council will closely ally information delivery with service delivery and select the appropriate media to best achieve this aim; e.g. the continued development of the council's website.

Principle 7 - review

The Information Strategy will be reviewed annually.