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NBC contracts register


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We are committed to being an open, accountable and transparent local authority. As part of this commitment we are publishing details of the contracts that we currently hold, as well as of those for which there is an opportunity to tender.

This is in line with the government's promise to ensure that local councils are transparent about their contract expenditure and tender opportunities. It is based on the National Procurement Strategy which sets out the requirement for every local authority to maintain a corporate register of contracts.

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 places an obligation on us to publish our corporate register of contracts, which you will find above. Our corporate register of contract contains details of active contracts over £25,000.

You can also find details of smaller contracts under £25,000 and one-off contracts and contract payments of £250 and over within our expenditure open data.

There are no contracts relating to social services, care provision, highways or teaching/education as we do not provide these functions.

Contracts managed by other organisations

A number of contracts are now procured directly through LGSS and are published by Northamptonshire County Council. These include a number of software and hardware contracts as well as printing, translation and other shared services such as finance and Revenues and Benefits.