Absolute Exemptions

We use exemptions responsibly and only if absolutely necessary.

Only if there is an overriding need to restrict disclosure are exemptions used.

In some instances we may not even have to disclose if information exists if it falls into one of these classes.

  • S21 Information accessible by other means;
  • S23 National security;
  • S32 Court records;
  • S34 Parliamentary privilege;
  • S40 Personal information - about the applicant;
  • S41 Information provided in confidence;
  • S44 Prohibition on disclosure

The most commonly used absolute exemption is section 40 - Personal Information. If the information you are requesting relates to another living individual then normally you have no right to be provided with a copy of their personal data. Only the individual it relates to should have access to it.  The right of access to personal information that we hold about you is provided under Article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR). See our Data Protection pages to find out more about accessing your personal information.