Information request fees

Assessing charges

We use the 'Freedom of Information and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004' to set charges for gathering, reviewing and releasing information.

Four factors are considered when looking at whether a charge is made for information:

Prescribed costs

  • Employee time to deal with your request above a set limit
  • A set charge for information

Appropriate limit

  •  The current threshold before fees can be applied is set at £450 (18 hours). 


  • Disbursements can be charged for printing, photocopying, formatting, postage. We keep such charges to a minimum. You can find details of the current charges in the Publication Scheme. Since 1st January 2009 the cost per A4 side (black and white) of information provided on paper is 12p per side plus actual cost of postage. There is normally no charge for information provided electronically unless the information needs to be placed on a CDRom, DVD or USB.

Allowed maximum

  • If we estimate that the cost of responding to a request (or a series of substantially similar requests) will be more than £450 we may issue a fees notice or refusal notice; however, normally we will contact you to try and amend your request to be more specific. Doing this usually means the majority of the information you have requested can then be provided at little or no cost.

Last reviewed on 23/4/2019