Council Tax: do it online

Do it online: tell us electronically

You will need to have your Council Tax reference (8 digit number beginning with '5') to complete the following.

Set up a new Council Tax Direct Debit Paying your council tax over the counter?

Want to make it easier to pay each month?

Use this form to set up a brand new direct debit (please do not use this form if you want to change your direct debit date).
Request or cancel a Council Tax Single Person Discount?

Are you the only adult in your property? You may qualify for a reduction in your Council Tax.

Are you getting a Single Person Discount and someone has moved into your household? Tell us here

Moving into, within or out of Northampton Have you

1) Moved into Northampton from outside the borough?

2) Moved home within Northampton borough?

3) Moved out of Northampton or moved into a house where you will not be responsible for paying Council Tax (eg. living with parents, etc.)?
Landlord/agent tenancy change Are you a landlord or a landlord agent and have recently had a tenancy change? 
Council Tax credit refund request If your Council Tax account is in credit, you can use this form to request a refund. 
Council Tax Budget and repayment Use this form to provide us with your budget details when making a Council Tax repayment offer.
Council Tax general enquiry form Do you have a question that isn’t covered by one of the previous forms?

Contact us using the form. You will need to quote your Council Tax reference if you have a question about an existing Council Tax account.

If you do not have a current Council Tax account, you need to give your name, the address of the property, a telephone number and/or an email address.
Request a copy of your Council Tax bill Lost your bill and need a copy?  You can request one through this link