Consultation toolkit

A 'how to?' guide to consultation

This consultation toolkit is designed to be an easy to understand, step-by-step guide. It is not intended to be prescriptive, but to give you helpful hints, tips and advice for planning and carrying out consultation work.

Whether or not there is a legal obligation to consult, if consultation takes place, it must be carried out fairly and comply with the following principles:

  • Consultation must be at a place when proposals are still at a formative stage
  • The proposer must give sufficient reasons for its proposals to allow consultees to understand them and respond to them properly
  • Give sufficient time for responses to be made and considered
  • Responses must be conscientiously taken into account

In addition to the steps outlined below, you also need to consider:

If occasions arise where the guidance or time frame are not appropriate (for example, if a shorter consultation period is required) or need to be changed, please indicate the reasons for this.

The toolkit is broken down into eight steps:

By clicking the above links,  you will find a range of tools and advice to help you with each step of the consultation tool kit.

If you need help, more information or to register a consultation, please contact:

[email protected]