Overview and Scrutiny

Work Programme Consultation 2015/16

Start date: 6 February 2015

Closing date: 31 March 2015


Northampton Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Committee has asked people to submit their ideas about what the Committee should investigate over the next twelve months. The Committee can look into any issue affecting residents or the town, and ideas do not need to be related to Borough Council services.  Any issues that the Committee decides to look into will be investigated.

The outcome of any review will be contained in a final report with recommendations for the appropriate organisation(s).

The Council's Overview & Scrutiny Committee has previously looked at a wide range of issues including:

  • The Retail Experience in Northampton
  • Impact of the Welfare Reform Act
  • Reviewing the approach to dealing with hate crime
  • Sheltered Housing and Housing Options for Older People
  • Serious Acquisitive Crime, Violent Crime and Community Safety
  • Northamptonshire Alcohol Strategy 
  • Improving the Town’s parks

The Work Programme for 2014/2015 was influenced by public suggestions and includes:

  • Poverty in the Town
  • Interpersonal Violence (centring on domestic abuse)
  • Keep Northampton Tidy

Suggestions for review must meet the following criteria:

  • Affect a group or community of people (Scrutiny will not usually look at individual service complaints) 
  •  Relate to a service, event or issue in which the Council has a significant stake 
  •  Not be an issue which Overview and Scrutiny has considered during the last 12 months
  •   Not be a planning issue or other matter dealt with by another Council Committee, except where the issue relates to a process.

To take part

This survey is now closed

When decision will be made?

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee will approve its Work Programme for 2014/2015 at its first meeting of the Municipal year 2015/2016.

How will results be used?

Results will be used to inform the Overview and Scrutiny Work Programme for 2015/16. 

For help

Please contact the Overview and Scrutiny Officer on (01604) 837408 or email [email protected]

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