Market Square Fountain

Market Square Fountain Consultation


The Market Square fountain was installed by Borough Council’s in 2010 at a cost of £98,000.  In August 2012 water quality tests revealed higher than normal levels of bacteria and this led to the fountain being turned off.

Since then, the Borough Council has been working with a variety of specialists to see if low-level contamination of the water can be completely prevented.  The specialist advice recommends the remodelling of the fountain to include a raised pool around the water spouts that will make contamination far less likely.

The work was estimated to cost around £50,000 and would take up to 16 weeks to complete.

The people of Northampton and businesses in the town centre were asked for their views on the future of the fountain in the Market Square.


This consultation ran from 18 July 2013 to 2 September 2013

How people took part

Key stakeholders were invited to provide their view on the future of the fountain.

The consultation was advertised on the Council’s website, social media (twitter and Facebook) also promoted via the local media.

People were able to provide their feedback by completing an online survey.

An officer of the Council attended the fountain site during the consultation period to invite passers-by to give their views.

Summary of consultation responses

Of the 363 responses received during the consultation, 58% (209) agreed that the Council should remodel the fountain and turn it back on again at a cost of £50,000. The remaining 42% (153) supported the option to turn the fountain off for good at no further cost. One respondent did not answer the question.

A petition was presented to the Council. It contained 182 names supporting the following statement:

”We, the undersigned, urge NBC to develop the Market Square Fountain and spend the money needed to make it a safe and attractive feature of the Town Centre”

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