Draft Financial Inclusion Strategy

Consultation report

Closing date - 16/01/2012

Decision date - Expected Spring 2012


Northampton Borough Council wants to adopt a  Financial Inclusion Strategy, developed to ensure that financial inclusion becomes a central part of the day to day activities of our activities  and integrated into all the housing services which we offer our customers.

The Strategy will set out our approach to the promotion of financial inclusion to everyone living in the town.

Financial Exclusion is not limited to one type of household or tenure- it can affect many people.

Further information

For details of our proposals view our draft strategy document ( pdf version)

View the word version.

View the Equality Impact Assessment (pdf version) or word version

The consultation

NBC would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation and all your responses and comments will be considered and integrated where possible.

Survey findings

There were 52 responses in total.

8 out 10 respondents were in favour of the 5 priorities that have been identified as part of the strategy.

Some respondents felt that it was not the role of the council to help people financially - rather it should remain as an advisory and support service, placing greater emphasis on its statutory services.

Respondents also highlighted the need to be careful about labelling certain groups who may have a greater degree of financial difficulties.

On question 3 most respondents said they would look to Citizens Advice Bureau and Community Law Service for debt advice and for consumer advice, people would look to Trading Standards, the council and family and friends.

The majority would go to their bank for advice on financial matters, followed by the internet. The Credit Union also featured as somewhere people might seek advice from.

On equality and diversity matters the respondents identified a number of potential positive and negative impacts on certain groups, including those without bank accounts, the elderly and those on low incomes. These issues will be examined and integrated into the EIA (Equality Impact Assessment). The final strategy and its action plan will take them on board.

Respondents from all age ranges took part in the survey, with the highest number in age range 50-64. There was also a fairly good geographical dispersal of people taking part.

Other consultation responses

In addition to the survey responses other views have been received as part of the consultation. These will also be evaluated and integrated where possible into the final strategy.

Again thank you everyone for all your comments. It is important to NBC that we get as much feedback from the public and partners to help ensure we are delivering services that are important to you.

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