Draft Allocations Policy

Recent Consultation Northampton Borough Council Draft Housing Allocations Scheme 2012

Northampton Borough Council Draft Housing Allocations Scheme 2012

Start Date      03 July 2012 
End Date        23 October 2012

The Allocations Scheme is very important as it sets out how the Council allocates social housing.  It explains who is eligible to join the housing register and how priority is determined for the Housing Register ( or waiting list). The Localism Act, 2011, changed the legislation around housing policy.  The Act gives local authorities greater freedom to set their own policies about who should qualify to go on their housing register. 

Some of the major proposed changes include:-

  •  To reduce access to only Northampton residents
  •  Removing current Band C and D customers
  •  Prioritising customers in employment
  •  Prioritising customers who make a voluntary contribution to Northampton
  •  Introducing flexible and fixed term tenancies, instead of lifetime tenancies, for all new tenants

PLEASE NOTE - this consultation is now closed. The links to the Allocations Policy and EIA are no longer valid.  To assist queries on the Allocations policy please visit the Northamptonshire Partnership Homes Website or the Council pages on Housing.

Northampton Partnership Homes - download the Allocations policy

Northampton Borough Council - Housing

Allocations Policy (agreed December 2012)

The Equality Impact Assessment

Now the consultation has ended and all the feedback has been evaluated a report will be taken to Cabinet on 12th December 2012 with recommendations for the way forward.

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