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Additional Licensing for Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) consultation

The existing 2014 to 2019 scheme - this consultation is closed

For the 2019 consultation, please visit the link below

2019 Additional Licensing for Housing in Multiple Occupation Consultation

Start Date:  3 December 2013

End Date:  10 February 2014


We are considering extending the local authority's powers to license landlords in the town. At present we only have the power to license three-storey HMOs (houses in multiple occupation). The proposed new scheme would see the same rules and standards applied to HMOs of all sizes.

With new powers, we would be able to make landlords more accountable for the standards and conditions in the houses in multiple occupation that they let and also for the actions of their tenants. This would cover safety factors such as risk from fire and anti-social behaviour such as noise, putting too many refuse bags out or blocking up parking spaces in the street.

It is proposed that in this initial scheme the areas to be designated as areas subject to additional licensing will include the Northampton Borough Council wards of Obelisk, Spring Park, Sunnyside, Kingsthorpe, St Davids, Kingsley, Semilong, Trinity, an area of St James Ward bounded by (Spencer Bridge Road, and Harlestone Road), an area of Delapre and Briar Hill (bounded by London Road at the south western point and the Delapre Works Factory to the east and an area of Phippsville (bounded by Park Avenue North, Abington Avenue and Kettering Road), Castle and Abington. The actual area proposed to be designated is shown on the proposed boundary map in the consultation documents.

Who can take part?

The consultation is open to all landlords, landlords' agents, residents, businesses and other organisations with an interest in the matter in Northampton.

Consultation documents 

How to take part?

To give your views, please complete the survey.

For help

If you have any queries regarding the consultation, or need any help to access information, please contact: 

The Private Sector Housing Solutions Team 
Northampton Borough Council 
The Guildhall 
Northampton NN1 1DE 
Telephone: 01604 838585

email: [email protected]

Additional information