Dealing with alcohol related anti-social behaviour


Start date:  16 July 2013

End date:      31 August 2013


Northampton Borough Council, with the support of Northamptonshire Police, brought in a Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) in March 2009 as an additional power to deal with the problem of alcohol related anti social behaviour (ASB.)  This Order gives Police and other accredited officers the power of confiscating alcohol from those drinking in a public place if it is associated with ASB. or looks as though it could lead to ASB. We want to review this Order in line with best practice.

Who can take part

All residents, visitors or people with an interest in the matter.

To take part

Please click here to start our short survey.

How will responses be used

The results from the consultation will be used to review the effectiveness of the Council’s approach. Results will be published in the Autumn 2013.

Additional information

Online information can be viewed here

For help or queries

Contact : Debbie MacColl, Community Safety Administration and Project Officer on 01604 837752 or email [email protected]