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Please note this survey has been discontinued by the Council but a national survey continues to be undertaken by the Local Government Association and also in the Community Life Survey (Cabinet Office) 

This is what people told us between 2011 to 2013

Resident Satisfaction Survey Results

Combined  2011 (Spring and Autumn)

Combined 2012 (Spring and Autumn)

Combined 2013 (Spring and Autumn)

Resident Satisfaction with the Council % satisfied with how the council runs things  53.5% 62.0% 54%
Resident informed rating Overall, how well informed do you feel about local public services  46.9% 54.0% 44%
Resident involved rating % of people who feel they can influence decisions in their locality  35.6% 30.5% 27%
Value for Money rating % resident who feel Council provides VFM  33.7% 41.5% 37%

Combined 2011 Source: NBC Resident Satisfaction Survey Autumn 2011, 276 adults, e-survey (Pilot phase in August 197 and 79 in October 2011).

Combined 2012 Source: NBC Resident Satisfaction Survey Autumn 2012, 246 adults, Derived results (Spring 123 and Autumn 123). Contributes to Corporate Performance Tracker

Combined 2013 Source: NBC Resident Satisfaction Survey, Derived results (1-31 May 2013 and 1-31 October 2013)250 adults, e-survey. 

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Tracking Core Council Reputation Measures

Tracking Core Council Reputation Measures

To view latest polling on resident satisfaction with councils, check LGA website (external)