Building Control guidance - demolitions

If you are intending to demolish or part thereof that is not excluded in the exemptions list below, then you are required under the provisions of Section 80 of the Building Act 1984 to give, not less than 6 weeks before the work starts, notice of the demolition to:

  • The council (Building Control)
  • The occupier of any adjacent building
  • The public gas supplier for the area
  • The public electricity supplier for the area

You may also need to obtain planning/listed building/conservation area consent for the work.


  1. A demolition associated with a Demolition Order made under part 9 of the Housing Act 1985
  2. The demolition of an internal part of a building that is, and will remain, occupied
  3. The demolition of a building not exceeding 1750 cubic feet in volume
  4. The demolition of a conservatory, shed, greenhouse or prefabricated garage (forming part of a larger building)
  5. Certain agricultural buildings

The legal definition of demolition work that is exempt from the provisions of section 80 of the Building Act 1984 is complex and the above definitions are as a guide only. Our Building Control surveyor will give an exact interpretation in relation to any specific proposal on request.


At least 6 weeks prior to commencing the demolition work you should give notice to the relevant bodies previously outlined stating the extent of the demolition work the location of the building and the date the work is expected to start.

The "Notice of Intended Demolition" can take the form of a letter and should include a location plan showing the site and a block plan showing the buildings to be demolished.

Upon receipt of the notice, the proposed demolition will be registered with the council, acknowledged in writing and any initial requirements will be communicated to you.

The acknowledgement notice

The council notice will detail any work that is requested to be carried out to adjacent properties or services on the demolition site. This is to ensure that existing services are sealed and made safe, support and weatherproofing provided if necessary to adjacent buildings, proper arrangements made for the disposal of materials arising from the demolition and that the site is left in a safe condition at the end of the work.

Start of work

Work can only start after the notice has been received from the council or six weeks has expired since you served notice on the council.

When work actually starts, you should contact our Building Control surveyor who will inspect the site and advise you of any special measures that need to be undertaken. The Building Control surveyor will then monitor the demolition work as necessary.