Street naming and numbering

How to make a request

Before requests for street naming and/or numbering can be processed the following information needs to be provided to the Building Control Team:

  1. The appropriate fee amount (see fee schedule below)
  2. A plan showing the roads and buildings on the development, the point of entry to the buildings, the point where post is delivered (e.g. the letter box) and plans of all floors where the development includes flats
  3. If appropriate, your proposals for the naming of the roads, (including the reasons why you think that the names are appropriate). Please refer to our street naming and numbering convention and guidance
  4. Your proposals for the postal numbering of the plots
  5. If buildings are to be numbered in an existing street, a plan showing the building, surrounding buildings, the point of entry to each plot and the point where post is delivered (e.g. the letterbox). If the building contains flats floor plans will be required
  6. When all relevant information has been received, we aim to process the application within 28 days

Please email your supporting documents to [email protected]. You can make payments over the phone by ringing (01604) 838920, for Street Naming & Numbering our office is open Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm.

We prefer to receive applications electronically, as this will enable us to proceed with your applcation quicker, but if you would prefer to send paper documsnets and pay by cheque (payable to Northampton Borough Council) please send by post to:

Building Control
Northampton Borough Council
The Guildhall
St Giles Square
Northampton NN1 1DE

Supporting documents

We have produced guidance for building and street naming and numbering as well as guidance on nameplate positioning.

Please take some time to read our guidance notes before submitting a request.


Street naming & numbering charges (effective 1st April 2014)
Existing properties Name change or addition of name to address £60
New properties 1-5 plots £176.40
6-25 plots £282
26·75 plots £666
76+ plots £900
Additional charge where this includes naming of a building (e.g. block of flats) £120
Existing streets Renaming of street where requested by residents £210
Plus per property £20
New streets Additional charge to house numbering where this includes naming of street £144
Amendments to schedule Amending schedule of development already issued following plot change by developer - per plot affected £36

What happens next?

We will consult with all relevant authorities, including the post office. The post office will normally allocate postcodes within 5-7 working days.

For further information please contact the Building Control department [email protected]