The Intention of the Party Wall Act

The purpose of The Party Wall Act is to produce a fair outcome where work being undertaken by one owner could have some effects on a neighbour.

It recognises that both parties have rights and seeks to safeguard them by establishing a fair and reasonable way work can be undertaken.

Information discussions

First of all arrange to discuss your proposals with the adjoining owner or owners if more than one is involved. This is not part of the formal process but allows understandings to be developed and will give some indication of any likely difficulty.


If you are a building owner intending to carry out work covered by the Act, you must give notice in writing of the intended works to all the relevant adjoining owners. This notice must include: the owner's name and address; the building address (if different); full details of what is proposed (inc. plans where appropriate); and the proposed starting date. In the case of excavations, the notice must also state whether the owner proposes to strengthen or safeguard the foundations of a building or structure belonging to the adjoining owner, and it must be accompanied by plans.

You must give at least two months' notice of works to an existing party wall; and one month for a planned new wall or for the excavations within the specified distances.

Proposed works adjoining council property

If your proposed works adjoin a council-owned property, your must serve your Party Wall Notice on our Asset Management Team at the Guildhall or via email at [email protected].