Approved Inspectors

Insurance cover

It has been brought to our attention that a number of Approved Inspectors are currently unable to operate due to issues with obtaining the required insurance policies to operate.

This means they are unable to carry out/complete inspections, issue Initial Notices, instructions, cancellations or Final Certificates. If you are using an Approved Inspector for your building work, we recommend you check if they are registered, approved and insured. You can check this on the CIC website.

If you find that your inspector has out of date/withdrawn insurance or does not appear in the list of Approved Inspectors, please contact your Approved Inspector for advice on what they are doing to resolve the situation and give you advice on your options at this stage of your project. We will update this page as soon as more information on the ongoing situation becomes available.

In the meantime you can contact CIC for guidance or visit the LABC guidance page.


Download our reversion application.


Download our Form 7: Notice of Cancellation.