Street nameplates conventions


  • Street nameplates should be placed as near as possible to street corners so as to be easily readable by drivers and pedestrians. Normally and where possible the nameplate should be within 3 metres of the intersection.
  • Wherever practical, street nameplates should be mounted on walls, buildings or on the boundary structures at the back of the footpath.
  • Nameplates should be placed at the back of the footpath on both sides of the road. If freestanding signs are to be erected they must be wholly within the adoptable highway.
  • Where possible, nameplates should be fixed so that they will be illuminated by light from street lamps, especially at important junctions.
  • Street nameplates should be mounted so that the lower edge of the plate is approximately 1 metre above the ground at sites where they are unlikely to be obscured by pedestrians. Where this could be a problem they should be at first floor level.
  • At T-junctions a street nameplate should be placed directly opposite the traffic approaching from the side road. It may be appropriate to incorporate numbers on the nameplate in this situation indicating numbers on either side of the intersection.

Street nameplates

It is the responsibility of the developer to arrange for and bear the cost of street nameplates and posts and their erection on site.

Nameplates to be erected on buildings and walls

These should be cast aluminium with a stove-enamelled finish with black letters on a white background. They should include the "T" sign at the end of a name to indicate a cul-de-sac.

The nameplates, posts, base plates and mounting plates are available from:

G & G Signs
15 Foxholes Road

Telephone: 0116 254 4445

Freestanding nameplates

  • Street nameplates are to be pressed aluminium with black 100mm MOT upper case lettering on a white background.
  • In the circumstance of an Access Area/Cul-de-sac, where there is no through road for vehicular traffic, a red "T" on a blue background at the right hand side of the nameplate should be provided.

Nameplates can be obtained from:

Nordis Industries
Cornhill Close
Lodge Farm Industrial Estate

Telephone: 01604 596 910

Posts are 75mm dia. and the length 1.5m, and should include baseplates and caps. The posts should be hot dip galvanised and painted grey.