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Building Control - building regulation charges guidance notes

The prices in the charge tables are current from 1st April 2017, and include VAT at the current rate of 20% (as of January 2011).

Building Control charges fall into different categories - plan charges, inspection charges, building notices and regularisation charges.

With the exception of regularisation applications, the charges are subject to VAT at the appropriate rate.

The following notes are for guidance only and are not a substitute for the Statutory Instrument 1998 No 3129,which contains a full statement of the law.

Full plans

The plan charge(s) must be paid on the deposit of the plans with the council.

Inspection charges

These will be payable after the first inspection has been undertaken.

Building notices

The charge must be paid when the building notice is submitted to the council. In certain circumstances the building notice charge is 10% higher than full plan (table A).

Regularisation charge

This is for retrospective approval of work, which has already started/completed (in the event the work cannot be regularised, the fee is non-refundable). This charge should be submitted with your application. VAT does not apply to regularisation applications.

The charge is 30% and in some cases 40% (new housing) higher than the full plan charge without VAT and represents additional works carried out by the authority. (See separate regularisation charges tables.)

Floor area (tables A and B)

Is the total of the floor areas in all the storeys of a house or extension (more than one extension you may aggregate the area of all the floors) measuring to the internal faces of the external walls.

Estimated cost of the building works (table D)

This means a reasonable estimate that would be charged by a professional builder, but excluding architectural fees and VAT.

Multiple works

Where plans show more than one type of work (e.g. two separate extensions) the charges payable will need to be individually determined.


Cheques should be made payable to “Northampton Borough Council”. In certain cases the charges may be paid by instalments - contact the Building Control office for more information.

Electrical works

The standard charges listed in Tables A and B only apply if electrical work is to be undertaken by a person registered under the Competent Persons Self-Certification Scheme, or the works are non-notifiable. Where a notifiable electrical installation is to be undertaken by a person not registered under the Part P Competent Persons Self-Certification Scheme an additional charge amounting to £165 + VAT is payable.

Exempt buildings

A fee of £29 (including VAT) should accompany an application for registration of an exempt building.

Supplementary charges

These may be made, and an invoice sent to the owner, where the builder or building owner:

  1. Causes additional inspections to be carried out through needing closer supervision
  2. Causes additional inspections by suspending progress of work and failing to notify us, which results in the project taking longer than 12 months
  3. Proceeds with the works on a Full Plans application where the plans have been rejected on substantive grounds
  4. Undertakes works normally covered under a Competent Persons Scheme, and that work is not carried out by a person registered under such a scheme

More information

If you are unsure if you are required to make a Building Regulations application or you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 01604 838920 or e-mail [email protected]